Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 3 – Where’s My Invitation?

This has been a crazy day and I have a serious case of the Mondays. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, it means that you feel like Mondays should be outlawed and going to work on this day should be punishable by life in prison. Usually on the way home, while others are dozing off, I usually stay awake to see all of the craziness that happens on the train. And not to mention, to get new material for me to write about so you can have updates to read. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I was losing an internal battle between my eyes and eyelids. I kept falling asleep at random moments. In my narcoleptic state of a train ride home, I could still hear the various conversations going on around me. One particular conversation made my ears perk up a bit. This lady is sitting across the aisle from me struggling to have a conversation on her cell phone. I am not sure at which point she entered the train, but while gazing over at her, I could tell she was about to blow her lid. She is literally feet away from me and I’m trying to intently listen to her conversation, not to mention trying to break from this paralyzing state of sleep that I’m in. Of course, since she’s on a cell phone, I can only hear one side of the conversation. Here’s what I could gather…

Lady on the phone: Do you know why I didn’t get an invitation?
Lady on the phone: But couldn’t she have sent it out when she sent out the other invitations?
Lady on the phone: You think I should call her and ask why didn’t I get invited?

At this point I’m like “oh yeah, this is going to be good”. I fade into sleep for the next five minutes. As I regain consciousness, I heard her saying “Hello?”, “Hello?” I think her cell phone must have lost its signal and the call was dropped. I should have reached over and told her to get Verizon (shameless plug for the Big Red Machine). As soon she could get service, she is back on another call. This call goes a little bit differently than before. It sounded like she took the advice of the person she was speaking with and decided to inquire as to why she didn’t receive an invitation. This sound like it will be filled with so much drama.

*insert dramatic music here*

Lady on the phone: Hey, how are you?
Lady on the phone: Was there a reason I didn’t get invited?
Lady on the phone: You could have just sent it with the other invites or called me.

You all are probably thinking the story is getting juicy, but it’s time for some disappointment. Do you remember earlier when I said I was in a narcoleptic state? Well, I fell asleep trying to eavesdrop on this lady’s conversation. By the time I woke up, she was gone.

I promise to do better…really…I promise.

Well, this is my stop. See you next time on the train.


Marquita said...

Seriously, you have to do better....your definitely fired for falling asleep....the story was just getting interesting!!! I wonder how the story ends?

CMS said...

I have a similar eavesdropping story. I was on the train back home, and the train was pretty empty. This girl across from me was talking on her celly:

"well, his parent are coming down this weekend... yeah, i know... and he asked ME to pick THEM up from the airport. Well, i don't even know them, and I don't want to be around them without him. What? I mean, we haven't even been dating that long. He's said "it" (commentors comment: I am pretty sure "it" = "i love you"), but then I ask him about it and he says he didn't. well, i don't remember really either, both times it was late..."

so you see, people have the weirdest convos on the train... i must confess, i have these kinds of talks myself. and then i wonder, is someone listening to and judging me?