Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 2 – It Can Happen To You Too (Part 2)

Part 2

My meeting ended earlier than I expected and now it’s time for me to head home. Based on the trials and tribulations I endured trying to get here, you would think that I learned my lesson. I’m sorry to say that wasn’t the case. NOPE! I arrived at the platform and the electronic sign stated that the train would arrive in 3 minutes. Wow, perfect timing is what I thought. Trying to kill those 3 minutes, I did what any normal person living in the year 2010 would do; I got on my cell phone. As the train approached, I quickly ended my call and positioned myself at my preferred section of the train. I jumped on the train and sat down by my favorite window seat. As we ride along, I started noticing a few things. I started noticing that the train was rather packed from leaving the second station; I started noticing that it was taking rather long to get to the next stop; and I started noticing that I didn’t see the same landmarks I saw while going to the meeting. Uh oh! I’m going in the wrong direction! I was going to the end of the line which is deep, deep (did I mention deep) into the suburbs. After realizing all of this, I just had to sit there and say “not again!” I arrived at the end of the line and stood in disbelief of what I did.

Looking around and seeing everyone I was on the train with exit the station, I yelled out “(beaver) dam(n) it! I feel like a tourist”.

This story does have a good ending. The train that I was supposed to catch was leaving out in 5 minutes. At this moment, I realized that it was impossible for me to get on the wrong train. Since this was the end of the line, all of the trains leaving out are going in the direction of where I needed to go. A few minutes later, I hopped on the train and was on my way. The whole ride home I couldn’t believe the rookie mistakes I made today.

Well, this is my stop. See you next time on the train.

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