Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 2 - It Can Happen To You Too (Part 1)

When the idea to start this blog entered my mind, its sole purpose was for me to share the peculiar things I would see while commuting. I wasn’t going to share things that happened to me because, well, I didn’t want to be clowned. But after doing some soul searching and realizing that I didn’t want to cheat my readers, I decided to share my own shortfalls during my commute. So here goes…

Earlier this week I had an important meeting during the middle of the day that I could not miss (trust me…I tried to reschedule or just not go at all). Before the meeting, I was presented with a packet of reading material which contained directions to the location by driving or taking the train. I decided to take the train so I wouldn’t have to worry about parking in a lot that would charge me $5.00 every 15 minutes or pay to park at a meter where a quarter only gets me 3 minutes. Since I have never been to this specific location, I read over the travel directions a countless number of times (which metro stop to get off and where to walk). This is where my journey begins. I get on the train and glanced at the map before sitting down just to confirm any doubts I had on which stop I needed to get off. While on the train, we are zipping from stop to stop. Since it was the middle of the day, there weren’t as many people entering and exiting the train thus allowing us minimal time at each stop.

Now lets pause right here. I should let you know that I’m aware of where I’m going. I have been in the general vicinity of my destination by both car and train but it has been a while since I don’t frequent that side of town often. So, this should be a walk in the park…not to mention, all I have to do is follow directions…RIGHT???

Now back to the story. Because I knew it was going to be a long ride, I started reading a book. As I approached the half mark of my trip, I realized it should be another 4 or 5stops which equates to about 10 or 12 minutes left on the train. WRONG! I felt like I was close, so I gathered my things, stood up, and straightened my clothes. As the train slowed down and eventually came to a halt, I positioned myself right by the doors so I can jump off and lightly jog up the escalator. As the doors opened, I realized that this was not my stop. Feeling a little embarrassed, I had to maintain my cool appearance so guess what I did? I poked my head out of the train like I was looking for someone. After the doors close I couldn’t just return to my seat. The other passengers would know what really happened. So I looked at the map like I was confirming where I should get off. Which seemed like 10 stops later, I finally got off of the train. I zipped through the turn style and then I noticed that this stop has two different exits. Not knowing what to do at the fork in the road, I decided to ask for help. After waiting for about 3 minutes as the station manager flirted with some out-of-towners, I inquired how to get to my destination. Check out the dialogue below.

Me: How do I get to building X?
Station Manager: I think you may have gotten off at the wrong stop.
Me: NO! My directions clearly tell me that this is the stop I should get off.
Station Manager: Well, I’m about 99% sure that this isn’t the stop, but let me check the computer. Although I am 99% sure, I like to be 100% sure.

(Do you all sense a little sarcasm from the station manager? I certainly did)

At this point I’m like this dude doesn’t know what he is talking about and I can’t waste precious minutes dealing with him. Now back to the conversation…

Station Manager: What’s the address of the building?
Me: 1234 Anywhere Street.

*the light bulb in my head came on at this very moment*

Me: Wait….which stop is this?
Station Manager: This is the X stop.
Me: Okay, I gotta go!

In realizing that I got off at the wrong stop, I quickly picked my face up off of the ground and ran back upstairs to the platform. In case you were wondering, I got off 1 stop too soon.

But the story doesn’t end here…stay tuned.

In case you were wondering, I made it to my meeting with minutes to spare.

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